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The President's Letter - February 2012

Greetings, “As nightfall does not transpire instantaneously or immediately neither does “doctrinal” confusion and corruption. In both instances there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is such a twilight that we must be aware of, for there is a change in the sky. And although it might seem a slight change, we must not become unwittingly victims of the forthcoming darkness." [1] There is a frightening doctrinal darkness forming in the firmament. It has appeared and approached through many venues and multiple vehicles. This darkness has descended and caused confusion and corruption inside the most powerful porticos of Christianity. The purpose of the FGA is to help “ turn on the lights ” and expose the darkness regarding the biblical and theological doctrine of salvation. There is a difference between dogmatism and doctrine. Dogmatism in one sense reflects an attitude while doctrine reveals a view. It is important that we be able to hear the word