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The Object of Our Faith

By Roger Fankhauser, DMin I just recently read from a non-free-grace person that the Free Grace position only requires someone to believe in certain propositions about Jesus to receive eternal life. The writer is almost – but not quite – right. However, “not quite right” changes the argument from a valid criticism to a straw man argument. If the writer were correct, then the object of our faith would be limited to statements about Jesus or historical events about Jesus. The object of our faith is Jesus. Jesus said it (“whosoever believes in me”, John 3:16); Paul said it (“that we might be justified by faith in Christ”, Gal. 2:16). Almost all evangelicals say this. (I would say “all”, but as soon as I do, someone would point out an exception!) Free-Grace evangelicals; Reformed evangelicals consistently define the object of saving faith as Jesus. We might disagree about what one must know about this Jesus or about the impact that faith in Jesus “must” have on life, but, at

Letter from the FGA President - February 1, 2013

  Greetings to those, whose heart has been captured by the glorious grace of God, It is so gratifying to receive letters and emails from Christians around the world thankful and pleased that the Free Grace Alliance boldly proclaims the glorious grace of God. It might be hard for many of us in the states to conceive of a world where you do not have access to sermons, books, or literature that articulate the clear grace of God and the simplicity of receiving the gift of eternal life. I have received emails and letters from a woman in England, a church planter in Africa , a missionary in Pakistan and a pastor in Finland, all grateful for the FGA standing strong and clear and providing resources concerning the grace of God. If you keep up on the FGA “Facebook” page you will also hear from many people about the importance of Grace Theology as they seek to investigate the nuances of a theology of Grace. Webster defines grace as, " unmerited divine assistance given man for his