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The Low Cost of High-Cost Discipleship

  Dr. Roger Fankhauser Burleson Bible Church   We often hear in free grace circles that “salvation is free, but discipleship is costly.” I agree wholeheartedly. Following Jesus means making decisions that could cost me something – even if the cost is as small as choosing to use my time to pursue kingdom purposes rather than personal interests. It could cost minor persecution, severe persecution, or maybe even death. It could cost money and other possessions. It could cost loss of relationships with friends or family. The cost is indeed high, and we do need to count the cost (Luke 14:25-33).   Discipleship is costly, but I believe in the bigger picture it costs less to follow Jesus than to not follow Him. Here’s why. Discipleship is costly in the absolute sense only if we look at the costs in this life. In this life, the costs are, in fact, high. Sometimes very high. But when I look at the whole story, the benefits of following Jesus far outweighs the cost. No matter how high the cost.

From the President

  Dear FGA Members and Friends, In just a few days the FGA national conference will convene in Irving, Texas. I must tell you that this year I believe we have an excellent field of speakers and workshop leaders.   The theme is “Discipleship in the Gospel of Luke”. This is such an important topic for us in the Free Grace Movement because our theology clearly emphasizes the distinction between what is necessary to gain the free gift of eternal life and the requirements to live a life of discipleship.   The gift is free, but discipleship is costly. There has been so much confusion as theologians and pastors seek to blend the two conditions together with the result that the freeness of the gospel is clouded and confused. This confusion leads to a charge of “easy believeism” or “cheap grace”- a charge and a caricature that we strongly reject. At the conference we will hear from Dr. Dave Anderson, President of Grace School of Theology, Dr. Charlie Bing, Dr. Jody Dillow, Bob Tebo