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What Does It Take To Lose Salvation?

By Dr. Roger Fankhauser Some people have heard the sad words, "we're disowning you" or "we're writing you out of the will". Some think something comparable can happen to the believer; God can "disown us" under certain circumstances. Have you ever thought carefully about what must happen for us to lose our salvation? I started making a list in my mind. To lose my salvation for any reason, including for "losing faith", would require God to: Unjustify us Unadopt us Unredeem us Unreconcile us Unregenerate us Unforgive us Unsanctify us (positional sanctification) Remove eternal life from us Uncircumcise our circumcised heart Disinherit us (remove our birth inheritance) Unbaptize us (Spirit baptism, 1 Cor. 12:13) Unseal us (take away the Holy Spirit) Make both Father and Son release their hold of us (John 10:28-29) Make the New Creature old again Transfer us out of the Kingdom of light and place us back in the kingdom o