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Letter from the President-April 1, 2013

                                                                                                                       Dear FGA, The celebration of Easter Sunday has come and gone but the importance and impact is forever. As Faulkner put it; “And so in the end we live not in the darkened shadow of Good Friday but on ground that has been illuminated by the dawn of Easter Sunday.” This is the life giving truth that we have the privilege of proclaiming to a lost and dying world, a gift of God’s Grace. So simple and so wonderful! One of the great proclaimers and defenders of that gracious message went home to be with the Lord this past month. Dr. Roy Zuck, Senior Professor of Biblical Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary and editor of Bib Sac, was a faithful and gracious man who had been part of FGA from its inception. Roy was also awarded the Trophy of Grace Award this past year at the FGA National Conference in Dallas. Roy was a skilled expositor, educator, and editor