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A Voice from History: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

There are times when the significant voices of the historical chruch must ring in our ears.  If we forget the lessons of our past, we lose touch with the heart of our heritage and that is a shame.  This reminder from Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the twentieth century theologian, pastor, and spy, was spoken in his youth about the divide between the Lutheran church in which he flourished and the Roman Catholic Church that he was exposed to as a teen.  Nevertheless, if we hear these words they can apply every bit as much between the Free Grace Alliance and Lordship Salvation.  Hear the words!   Has this world [of the Catholic church [ sic ]] really remained the church of Christ? Has it not perhaps become an obstruction blocking the path to God instead of a road sign on the path to God? Has it not blocked the only path to salvation? Yet no one can ever obstruct the way to God. The church still has the Bible, and as long as she has it we can still believe in the holy Christian church. God’s word

The President's Letter-March 2012

Greetings FGA Members and Friends, The Free Grace Alliance is truly an alliance of a variety of people. Although we have many views in common regarding our theology, we have a variety of ministry venues and spiritual gifts that are utilized within the Free Grace Alliance. Let me give you a partial list of how some of you are mightily involved in proclaiming the message of God's grace. (I know that it is always dangerous when you give a list of names because you can never be complete or comprehensive, so please remember, this is only a representative list.) Many of our members are involved in a variety of mission trips with a number of agencies. We are grateful for The Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association that has taken many Free Grace Alliance members to the Philippines and seen much fruit from a purely grace gospel in the heart