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A Halloween Reminder…Be Gracious!

Halloween can be a time of the year when evangelical Christians really disagree with one another, and passionately so.  Some believe that Christians sin by participating in and Halloween-themed activities, while others believe that not participating in Halloween would be unthinkable for Jesus and therefore should be unthinkable for Christians. Let’s please remember the covenant that we all hold to as members of the Free Grace Alliance: In agreement with these affirmations, we covenant to work together graciously and enthusiastically to advance this Gospel of Grace, and to communicate with a positive and gracious tone toward all others, both inside and outside the Free Grace Alliance. Whichever position you espouse, remember that it is not a central position to the truly amazing offer of eternal life through faith alone in Christ alone that God has brought us.  Keep secondary issues secondary this Halloween, and whether you are discussing the issue with a fellow member of FGA or with

President's Letter October 2010

Dear FGA friends, For those of you who were able to join us in Dallas for the FGA National Conference you know it was a great time of fellowshipping, listening and learning from one another, as well as worshiping the Lord together. Many people told me and others on the executive council that this was the best conference we have ever had. I think this is because of the tremendous slate of speakers we had this year.   Dr. Dave Anderson taught from the book of Hebrews and lifted our souls to heaven to worship the Cosmic Christ. Dr. Jody Dillow explored the problematic sections of the Sermon on the Mount and its impact on rewards. Our special guest, Dr. Michael Eaton, reminded us of the historical and theological realities of the doctrine of the assurance of salvation. Dr. Larry Moyer and Dr. Charlie Bing challenged us all to do the work of an evangelist and “get the gospel out” both in our “Jerusalem” and to the “uttermost parts of the earth”.   Additionally the fifteen workshops that

Free Indeed

Over at A Biblical Framework , John Correia posted an everyday reminder of the truth of the free offer of eternal life in Christ. Check it out! Grace Modeled...and Abused .

Social Media news...we're catching up technologically!

The FGA now has a Facebook fan page( ) so if you’re on Facebook “like” that page please!  Also, share it with those in your sphere of influence.  This is a great resource to encourage those in your Facebook circle with free grace theology. Please subscribe to the FGA blog to receive notice whenever a new entry is posted.  Notice in the upper right hand corner of the site there are two ways to “subscribe” to the FGA blog.  One is using a “reader,” which is convenient for the technologically savvy.  The other way to subscribe is to enter your email address and click on “subscribe” in the upper right hand corner.  You will receive a confirmation email which requires you to click a link to confirm that you want to subscribe; just as with our email list, we will never misuse your trust with your email address.  I hope each of you subscribes in one way or another, and encourages your sphere of influence to do the sa

Put your grace-oriented blog on the FGA blogroll!

Hello everyone! We have recently added a widget to the Free Grace Alliance blog that allows us to list other grace-oriented blogs; you can see them on the right toolbar of this post!  This allows us all to read what each other write and keep abreast of what is going on in the Free Grace Alliance in general.  So if you have a blog that you'd like to put on the blogroll, please comment on this post and we will consider your blog!  Please make sure your email is added in your comment, and also make sure to add a link to your blog. Some guidelines for blogs that will be accepted: Naturally, the message of the blog must adhere to the FGA covenant .  We want blogs oriented to the grace message found in Scripture! While we know that grace-oriented bloggers may write on any number of topics (and who doesn't want to hear about Free Grace cooking, or Free Grace decor?), the blogroll will be populated with blogs of a theological and/or pastoral nature. Part of the FGA covenant is m