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Letter from the President-May 2012

Greetings FGA Members and Friends, It is unfortunate that in theological parlance, people often find themselves limited to two perspectives, Calvinism or Arminiansim. In the Christian world and in the theological world as well, many people still do not realize the third option is Free Grace Theology. And we must make sure that people know and understand that third option. Free Grace Theology is a theological system. The best theological system is the one that deals with the most data and brings the fewest assumptions to its system. Free Grace Theology at its core is concerned with Soteriology or the doctrine of Salvation. And so it is essential that we have an understanding of the term "Justification" for it is critical to understanding God's work and His gift. Let me call to your attention a new book titled   "Justification-Five Views" (IVP 2011). As the title indicates, it is a multi-view and multi-author book following the helpful format of a