From the President - September 2012

Dear FGA Members and Friends,
The fall season brings with it a long awaited cooling off for those of us who live in Phoenix. After many months of hovering between 100-115 degrees, we are ready for a change. The fall also means that we are near to the FGA National Conference, which will be held in Irving, Texas October 8-10. We are looking forward to a wonderful line-up of speakers including, our banquet speaker, Mark Bailey, President of Dallas Seminary. We will also hear from Dave Anderson, Jody Dillow, Charlie Bing, Tom Constable, Bob Teebow, and many more. For those of you who live locally and cannot attend the entire conference, you can register to attend for one day. We hope to see many of you in just a few short weeks.
One of the most exciting developments in the FGA is the list of new resources. There is always a danger of listing some resources, because there is the chance that you will leave someone off the list. Forgive me in advance if my list is incomplete. But there are some really wonderful resources and tools hot off the press.
●For many of us, we have long awaited the new edition of Reign of the Servant Kings by Jody Dillow. The wait is over. Both Jody and the book, Final Destiny (all 1100 pages), will be at the conference.
●Mark Spencer will also be speaking at the conference and will display his new book, A Moment in Time. This is a wonderful book providing the biblical exposition of Free Grace Theology.
Fresh Grace: God's Will and Our Will in Focus is a book by John Correia, FGA council member and conference speaker, which provides a great introduction to the theological systems of Calvinism, Arminiansm, and Molinism, emphasizing Free Grace Theology.
●Keith Krell has just had his Ph.D. dissertation from the University of Bristol, England published and it is a very good read. It is called, Temporal Judgment and the Church: Paul's Remedial Agenda in 1 Corinthians.
●A new collection of theological essays comes under the title, Freely By His Grace: Classical Free Grace Theology. This is edited by JB Hixson, Rick Whitmire and Roy Zuck, founding member of the FGA. The book includes chapters by many FGA members.
●Paul Tanner has written an article to be published in the upcoming Journal of the Evangelical Society, JETS, called "The Cost of Discipleship: Losing One's Life for Jesus' Sake."
●Wipf & Stock publisher has just republished the book I wrote with John Correia, The Faith That Saves, and I have also had an article published this past month in the Chafer Theological Journal entitled, "The Role of First Century Shame and Honor Codes from secular through the sacred concerning the Pauline theology of judgment at the Bema Seat."
●Also, in the Chafer Theological Journal there is a very good article by Andy Woods entitled, "Romans 7 and Sanctification."
It looks like there is something to read for everybody.
In Ecclesiastes the Preacher tells us that the writing of books is endless and wearisome to the soul. But then again, "readers are leaders and leaders are readers." I believe that these new resources will be of help to you and your ministry. You can purchase these books online through the FGA bookstore now and as they become available. Also, many books will be available for purchase at the FGA conference.
I pray that your fellowship with the Lord is growing as you begin a new season of life. I also pray that the Lord will use you as never before in your ministry this fall, as you seek to bring honor and glory to His name. Remember the true and penetrating words of Merrill Tenney, "This book will keep you from sin or sin will keep you from this book." So, as you read some good books this year, make sure you make time for The Good Book.
Serving Him with you
Until He comes for us,
Fred Chay, Ph.D.
President, FGA

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